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     The Crux    the_c.rux


Venue Links
Kendal - Bootleggers Bar - www.bootleggersbar.com
Lancaster- The Stonewell Tavern - www.thestonewelltavern.co.uk
Lancaster - The Black Bull Inn, Brookhouse - http://www.black-bull-inn.co.uk/

Halton - The Greyhound - https://www.facebook.com/TheGreyhoundAtHalton
Guitar Links

For arguably the world's most awesome guitars - www.gibson.com
For superb guitars played the world over - www.fender.com
For awesome effects - www.bossus.com and www.zoom.co.jp
For top notch back line amplification - www.blackstaramps.co.uk

Bass Links
For innovative and formidable bass guitars - www.steinberger.com
For powerful and yet affordable pro bass amplification - www.bugera-amps.com
For that deep, deep bass sound - www.warwick.de
For wireless signal transmission - www.line6.com

Drum Links
For toneful and responsive kits - www.staggmusic.com
For cymbals that rock the world - www.zyldgian.com

Sound and Lighting Links
For robust and hard-working PA mixers - www.peavey.com
For capable and inexpensive mixing desks - www.adjaudio.com
For good quality mixer amps www.studiomaster.com
For PA speaker cabs - www.celestion.com
For gutsy, no-nonsense power amplification and PA Speakers - www.carlsbro.com
For quality microphones - www.sennheiser.co.uk and www.shure.com
For workhorse foldback - www.laney.co.uk

Band and Other Links
For the party band that we and every other party band aspire to - www.bogusbrothers.com
For all your instrument and accessory needs - www.promenademusic.co.uk


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